Happibo is a mom led venture that makes clean, ready-to-feed baby food. Our first set of products make for an ideal weaning food, helping you introduce a wide variety of healthy fruits and veggies to your baby.

Most research confirms that an individual’s eating habit is largely influenced by the eating habit of the first 2-3 years. This is window¬†where you have the opportunity to lay the foundation of a healthy life. And happibo is here for all those moments when a mom is pressed for time to put together a healthy, nutritious meal.

All of us at happibo are parents ourselves and firmly believe that food companies need to be responsible towards children.

All happibo products are free of chemicals, preservatives, have no added sugar or salt, no colors – no industry tricks. We will make only clean and healthy products.

We wish that every meal and snack of a baby is healthy, clean and wholesome.